Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some Own Research Regarding American Lorain's Contract

Beijing is one of the country's railway centers. The Beijing Train Station is situated to the south of the Jian Guo Men Nei Da Jie (Jianguomen Avenue), within walking distance to the center of the city. Many public buses and the subway connect the station with other parts of Beijing. One can take trains to such important tourist cities such as Harbin, Shanghai and Xian. The West Train Station of Beijing at the Lianghuachi East Road, opened in 1996, and is the largest train station in Asia. This station has services to bigger cities in every province. There are 140 arrival & departures daily and delivers 150.000 to 180.000 passengers each day. During such peak season as the  Spring Festival and the National Holidays, number may go up to 400.000. There are some other smaller train stations in Beijing such as the South Train Station and the Xizhimen Train Station from where trains depart to destinations of a shorter distance like Hebei & Inner Mongolia for example.

This really should give a boost to earnings for next year!

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