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Artificial Life (ALIF) Out Of Business?

Artificial Life (ALIF) Announces Q2 Results

Shareholders have been punished by backing up this company. A pity if you ask me, their new business model could exist besides their existing.

I have been a long time shareholder of Artificial Life and I have lost my faith already some time ago.

Shareholders don't like uncertainty and pay now the consequences (dilution, etc.) for wrong management decisions. With an empty shell it's hard to believe something positive happens.

The best thing they could do is sell their complete company or IP and pay out their shareholders. BASTA!

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American Lorain: Solid Results Despite Inflationary Climate in China

Article Seeking Alpha

Hit Piece SinoTech Energy: Enhanced Oil Recovery or Capital Extraction?

Research Report by the famous short seller Alfred Little

A Contest for Supremacy: China, America, and the Struggle for Mastery in Asia

An explosive examination of the fast-escalating Sino-American struggle for geopolitical predominance.

There may be no denying China's growing economic strength, but its impact on the global balance of power remains hotly contested. Political scientist Aaron L. Friedberg argues that our nation's leaders are failing to act expeditiously enough to counter China's growing strength. He explains how the United States and China define their goals and reveals the strategies each is now employing to achieve its ends. Friedberg demonstrates in this provocative book that the ultimate aim of Chinese policymakers is to "win without fighting," displacing the United States as the leading power in Asia while avoiding direct confrontation. The United States, on the other hand, sends misleading signals about our commitments and resolve, putting us at risk for a war that might otherwise have been avoided. A much-needed wake-up call to U.S. leaders and policymakers, A Contest for Supremacy is a compelling interpretation of a rivalry that will go far to determine the shape of the twenty-first century.

About the Author
Aaron L. Friedberg is a professor of politics and international affairs at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School and a former deputy assistant for national security affairs in the Office of the Vice President. He lives in Princeton, New Jersey.

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Artificial Life (ALIF) announces postponed Q1 2011 results

Q1 Results in 10Q
During the three-month period ended March 31, 2011, we continued to market and expand the distribution of our products in Europe, Asia and the United States by entering into various strategic relationships. Our products are now sold in over 100 countries through resellers and telecom partners and in over 90 countries through Apple’s App Store/iTunes distribution platform.

In the first quarter of 2011, we continued to intensify marketing of our new m-commerce platform, OPUS-M™ since its launch in early 2010, and were successful with our efforts as the majority of our new revenues were related to or derived from this product. OPUS-M™, with its broad appeal, flexible module selection concept, competitive pricing, hosting support and comprehensive feature set is our current key product and the basis for our future expansion.

Significant events during the first quarter of 2011 include the following:

·         In January 2011, we announced the launch of a new investment entity, Artificial Life Investment Ltd.,
and our first two investments.
·      In January 2011, we agreed with 3M Company to launch three distinct pilot projects to co-develop innovative joint mobile products in 2011.

·      In January 2011, we announced our upcoming mobile telemedicine health solution, NeuroDerMo, the second in a series of mobile healthcare products.

·      In February 2011, we announced the launch of iSink U for free on the Android platform.

·      In February 2011, we announced the official launch of our new Alife Blog and Investments Section on our Company Website.

·      In February 2011, we announced our upcoming Portfolio Manager product, an easy-to-use, innovative mobile financial portfolio management application.

·      In February 2011, we announced the upcoming launch of ToonMates®; a massively multiplayer social game for multiple platforms including: Facebook, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7 devices.

·      In March 2011, we announced that our new Android title iSink U: Pirates Edition will be coming soon exclusively to the Amazon Appstore for Android.

"Q1 of 2011 was our last quarter based on our former business model and strategy and it was again a strong quarter as so many before. However, as of the second quarter of this year we do no longer follow the same approach to help increase shareholder value and to achieve a better market value for our equity. In the coming months we focus on preparing investments and selecting appropriate targets. We are looking forward to implementing our new and innovative investment strategy and asset sales now as announced in prior communications," said Eberhard Schoneburg, CEO of Artificial Life, Inc.


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My Old China MediaExpress (CCME) Joke of Last Year, July 31 2010

- Why don’t we get on this bus?
- Something is wrong. Let’s wait for the next one.

Investors' confidence
This could be the bus of China Mediaexpress Holdings (CCME)

I will correct this phrase: This was the bus of China MediaExpress Holdings (CCME)

Stock Manipulators Barry Minkow and Matt Wiechert (Glaucus Research) Use Same Playbook

Blog Redchip

My personal opinion is that Short Sellers try sometimes to fabricate something and hope that something sticks. We all know corporate governance is just starting in China, so we have to put faith and trust that things will become better.

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Aftershock: The Next Economy and America's Future

Reich (Supercapitalism), secretary of labor under Bill Clinton and former economic adviser to President Obama, argues that Obama's stimulus package will not catalyze real recovery because it fails to address 40 years of increasing income inequality. The lessons are in the roots of and responses to the Great Depression, according to Reich, who compares the speculation frenzies of the 1920s–1930s with present-day ones, while showing how Keynesian forerunners like FDR's Federal Reserve Board chair, Marriner Eccles, diagnosed wealth disparity as the leading stress leading up to the Depression. By contrast, sharing the gains of an expanding economy with the middle class brought unprecedented prosperity in the postwar decades, as the majority of workers earned enough to buy what they produced. Despite occasional muddled analyses (of the offshoring of industrial production in the 1990s, for example), Reich's thesis is well argued and frighteningly plausible: without a return to the "basic bargain" (that workers are also consumers), the "aftershock" of the Great Recession includes long-term high unemployment and a political backlash--a crisis, he notes with a sort of grim optimism, that just might be painful enough to encourage necessary structural reforms.

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Pay Pal Voor Webwinkels en Bedrijven

Heb je nog geen betalingsmodule voor Uw Webwinkel gebruik Pay Pal!

Pay Pal is een van de meest gebruikte betaalmethoden ter wereld.

Meld u aan voor PayPal en u kunt direct betalingen via creditcard ontvangen.

Dagong Global Credit Rating Downgrades U.S. from A-Plus to A

A Chinese ratings agency yesterday downgraded the U.S. from A-plus to A, saying the deal to lift the debt ceiling would not solve underlying U.S. debt problems or improve its debt-paying ability over the long term. Dagong Global Credit Rating, a relative newcomer to the sovereign debt rating realm and little known outside of China, said in a statement that the U.S. decision to raise the borrowing ceiling would not change the fact that the growth of its debt had outpaced overall economic growth and fiscal revenue.

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Artificial Life (ALIF) announces delayed 2010 results


General and Administrative Expenses. General and administrative expenses consisted of salary and payroll tax expenses of administrative personnel, rent, professional fees and costs associated with employee benefits, supplies, communications, and travel. Total general and administrative expenses for the year ended December 31, 2010 were $11,584,552 as compared to $5,745,538 for the year ended December 31, 2009. The increase of $5,839,014, or 102%, was primarily due to significant increase in bad debt expense primarily for certain clients in the Euro Zone of approximately $5.2 million, increase in bonus expenses of approximately $0.8 million and professional fees of approximately $0.4 million, offset by decrease in stock-based compensation expense of approximately $0.6 million.

Press Release

Revenues grew 29% to $35,505,273, income from operations was $6,180,981, and net income was $5,495,028, representing a net profit margin of 15%.

Business Highlights
2010 was again a strong year for our gaming business. We achieved a total number of iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad downloads of approximately 15.8 million in the year of 2010, a significant increase of 88%, as compared to approximately 8.4 million in 2009. The total cumulative number of our mobile games and apps downloaded through June 2011 exceeded 60 million worldwide.

Management Comments
Frank Namyslik, Chief Financial Officer of Artificial Life, Inc. said:
"Considering the liquidity crisis in the Euro zone during 2010, our core market, which required us to account for over $7 million in bad debt allowance for some Greek and European clients and the decline of the Euro during 2010 which cost us nearly an additional of $1 million in currency losses, we still performed quite well. Not only did we maintain a solid profit margin of 15%, we also increased revenues by 29% and therefore grew at an even stronger rate than in the already good year 2009".

Eberhard Schoneburg, CEO of Artificial Life, Inc. added:
"2010 was again a strong year for us despite the difficult global economy and the liquidity issues in the Euro zone. We are now looking forward to implementing our new business model. In the coming months and years we are planning several key investments and joint ventures and are aiming to build up a unique and cooperative network of leading edge wireless companies around the globe. We will be very active in analyzing targets within the BRICS nations and in extending our portfolio of investment companies."

Net Earnings Per Share 2010 $0.09 compared to $0.15 in 2009.

This year will be transitional, so I don't have a clue how 2011 will be!


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Harbin Electric Responds to Citron Research Report Posted Today at

Press Release

Harbin Electric (HRBN) – Completely Exposed

Citron Research

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Some Own Research Regarding American Lorain's Contract

Beijing is one of the country's railway centers. The Beijing Train Station is situated to the south of the Jian Guo Men Nei Da Jie (Jianguomen Avenue), within walking distance to the center of the city. Many public buses and the subway connect the station with other parts of Beijing. One can take trains to such important tourist cities such as Harbin, Shanghai and Xian. The West Train Station of Beijing at the Lianghuachi East Road, opened in 1996, and is the largest train station in Asia. This station has services to bigger cities in every province. There are 140 arrival & departures daily and delivers 150.000 to 180.000 passengers each day. During such peak season as the  Spring Festival and the National Holidays, number may go up to 400.000. There are some other smaller train stations in Beijing such as the South Train Station and the Xizhimen Train Station from where trains depart to destinations of a shorter distance like Hebei & Inner Mongolia for example.

This really should give a boost to earnings for next year!

American Lorain Signs Sales Contract With Beijing Railway Commerce Company

JUNAN COUNTY, China, Aug. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia-FirstCall/ -- American Lorain Corporation (NYSE Amex: ALN) ("American Lorain" or the "Company"), an international processed snack foods, convenience foods, and frozen foods company based in the Shandong Province, China, today announced that after 1-month test sale, the Company has successfully secured a one-year contract with Beijing Railway Commerce Company to sell its various rice and chestnut products aboard the Beijing - Shanghai high speed train as well as all other trains managed under Beijing Railway Bureau.

Beijing Railway Commerce Company is wholly owned by the State Beijing Railway Bureau and is in charge of food related services in the railway system. During the test sale period, the Company's rice box and nitrogen-aerated fruit box products were well received by customers and were thus awarded the contract among numerous competitors. Beijing Railway Commerce Company will also gradually introduce American Lorain's convenience products such as chestnut and snack bean aboard the trains. American Lorain is also in the process to develop breakfast products for the Beijing railway system, which currently represent an underdeveloped market.

American Lorain's Chairman and CEO, Mr. Si Chen, stated, "I am very much pleased to see American Lorain's products achieve initial success in securing contract to the railway system. According to estimate, in 2010, the railway system in China transported over 700 million passengers with over 100 million passengers from and to Beijing alone. As we stated previously, the railway system is a special channel which we see as a perfect fit for our convenience food products; our ability to secure the contract among numerous competitors further demonstrated the quality of our products and operations. We will continue to make full efforts to expand our sales channels and build the Company's brand image, as we previously reiterated and continuously executed."

Glaucus Research Hit Piece Against L&L Energy (LLEN)

Research Report