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Stock Trader's Almanac 2012

A time-tested guide to stock trading market cycles.

Published every year since 1968, the Stock Trader's Almanac is a practical investment tool with a wealth of information organized in calendar format. Everyone from well-known money managers to savvy traders and investors relies upon this annual resource for its in-depth analyses and insights. The Stock Trader's Almanac 2012 contains essential historical price information on the stock market, provides monthly and daily reminders, and highlights seasonal trading opportunities and dangers.

The Stock Trader's Almanac 2012 is packed with timely insights and targeted analysis to help you navigate turbulent markets and beat the odds in the year ahead. This trusted guide combines over a century's worth of data, statistics, and trends along with vital analysis you won't get anywhere else. The 2012 edition includes a revision of the Seasonal Switching Strategy that significantly boosts returns as well as new information on the coming Super Boom. Other key seasonal and cyclical updates include pre-presidential election year cycles and perspectives, how the government manipulates the economy to stay in power, incumbent victories vs. incumbent defeats, and the market impact of the lame duck year.

Alerts you to little-known market patterns and tendencies to help forecast market trends with accuracy and confidence. An indispensable annual resource, trusted for over 40 years by traders and investors. The data in the Almanac is some of the best in the business. For its wealth of information and the authority of its sources, the Stock Trader's Almanac stands alone as the guide to intelligent investing.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

China To Tackle Business Fraud, Fake Products and Applications

Last Friday China’s official news agency Xinhua reported a statement. The statement was released after a State Council executive meeting chaired by Premier Wen Jiabao. It says the following,

 “China needs to create an honest and faithful society.”

The State Council has concluded that, in Chinese society, “lack of credibility remains a prominent problem.” It listed business fraud, manufacture and sale of fake products, fraudulent applications and claims, and improper academic behavior are some of the key problems.

A new plan is in place, however, to establish a nationwide social credit system over the next five years, also known as the 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015). This system will keep record of all citizens’ credit history, and will include establishing credit ratings for industries and government departments. The government will share credit rating information with the whole country and promote the use of credited products. At the same time, the government will work on improving its own credibility through increased transparency and promoting education and social honesty.

Interesting, but I think the Chinese culture nowadays depends to much on Cai (wealth, money), so people get greedy. While in the Western world you see now that money (greed) becomes less and less important. Our society is having a cultural change with the Occupy Movement.

Chinese people have to focus more on moral standards (heart, kindness,mind, etc). Help people who suffer, be social.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

China Quizzes Audit Giants On Documents

Article Reuters

China's financial regulators have asked the world's biggest audit firms to urgently review their work on U.S.-listed Chinese companies and give details on information they may have provided to overseas regulators, two sources told Reuters.

Monday, October 10, 2011

ChinaCast Education Corporation Provides Business Update Summary and Reiterates Annual Guidance

Press Release

Ron Chan, Chairman and CEO of ChinaCast Education explained, "It is our intention to always maintain full transparency with our shareholders. Since we know not everyone was able to participate in the call last Thursday, we took the proactive approach to publicly disclose the material information discussed. Our business remains strong and we look forward to providing our shareholders further updates to our business when we report our third quarter earnings in early November."

Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Interesting China Books

Eclipse: Living in the Shadow of China's Economic Dominance

By most accounts, China has quickly grown into the second largest economy in the world. In this controversial new book, Subramanian argues that China has already become the most economically dominant country in the world in terms of wealth, trade and finance. Its dominance and eclipsing of US global economic power is more imminent, more broad-based and larger in magnitude than anyone has anticipated. Subramanian compares the economic dominance of China with that of the two previous economic superpowers, the United States and the United Kingdom, and highlights similarities and diff erences. One corollary is that the fundamentals are strong for the Chinese currency to replace the dollar as the world's reserve currency. The final chapter forecasts how the international economic system is likely to evolve as a result of Chinese dominance.

A Heart for Freedom: The Remarkable Journey of a Young Dissident, Her Daring Escape, and Her Quest to Free China's Daughters

The dramatic and fascinating story of Chai Ling, commander-in-chief of the student protesters at Tiananmen Square and witness to the massacre of thousands of Chinese civilians. Risking imprisonment and possible death for her leadership role in the student democracy movement, she was on the run in China for ten months while being hunted by the authorities. She eventually escaped to the U.S., completed her education at Princeton and Harvard, found true love, and became a highly successful entrepreneur. But her desperate quest for freedom, purpose, and peace—which she had sought in turn through academic achievement, romantic love, political activism, and career success—was never satisfied until she had an unexpected encounter with a formerly forbidden faith. Her newfound passion for God led to her life’s greatest mission: Fighting for the lives and rights of young girls in China.

HR Due Diligence: Mergers and acquisitions in China (Chandos Asian Studies) [Paperback]

This book examines how to conduct due diligence on mergers and acquisitions for organisations in China written from a management perspective. Aimed primarily at practitioners within the field of International Human Resource Management, it highlights models that appear straightforward and yet are susceptible to oversights and failings. It examines the roles of human resource practitioners from when a target company is identified for mergers or acquisitions, through to assessing its risks. The book incorporates adopting human resource management strategies under differing business conditions, negotiating to secure the deal and integrating the new business unit to the merged or acquired organization. This title gives a fantastically detailed analysis of due diligence, capturing the nuances of the Chinese way of doing things and how this affects a business environment.

Unmasking The Harbin Electric Buyout Drama

Article Seeking Alpha

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Longwei Petroleum Withdraws $50 Million Shelf Registration

Press Release

Mr. Cai Yongjun, Chairman and CEO of Longwei, commented, "We are withdrawing the shelf registration to mitigate investor concerns regarding the issuance of securities at the current share price levels. Our operating cash flow is sufficient to fund the total RMB 700 million (approximately $108.3 million USD) purchase price for the assets of Huajie Petroleum, and our balance sheet and operating results remain strong as we head into our second fiscal quarter."

As of June 30, 2011, Longwei had paid a RMB 550 million (approximately $85.1 million USD) deposit toward the total purchase price of RMB 700 million (approximately $108.3 million USD) for the purchase of the assets of Huajie Petroleum Co., Ltd., a fuel storage depot in northern Shanxi Province with a 100,000-metric-ton storage capacity.

New Energy Systems Group Introduced 3 New Consumer Products at Macworld Asia 2011

Press Release

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sino Agro Food Could Be A Great Opportunity

Pink Sheet company Sino Agro Food could be a great play if US-listed China stocks are in favour again.

On Friday they announced that the company has become among the largest developer of modern Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (“RAS”) in China based on completed and pending projects. Sino Agro Food, Inc. (OTC Markets: SIAF.PK), is an emerging integrated, diversified agriculture technology and organic food company with subsidiaries operating in China.

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