Saturday, July 31, 2010

China, China and China

I was reading some posts today on several websites and one I wanted to share with you. In the U.S. but also in Europe the financial media reports a lot about China and Chinese business. Also in my country (The Netherlands) and even in my province (Limburg) they are mentioning it.

For a lot of us who are familiar with Chinese stocks the message below says everything.

Pardon my investment stupidity -

Yes, China, China, China on the tube. But until we see an hour or two a day on TV on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business, dedicated to China, US investors won't get serious. Yes, yes, I know. All the information is out there now or we wouldn't being investing in them now. And that's good for us, but it is the overall perception that Chinese companies are not real and investors need to see people talking about selected ones as to what they do and how they are growing. I hate to suggest it, but something like Mad Money for China stocks, but of course not with Cramer. I'm sure that many don't even know that many Chinese companies are registered on US exchanges. And I'm also sure investors are anxious to invest in China because they realize where the growth lies. And also sure you would have a hard time finding an investment advisor that could or would recommend a China stock. Warren got the message but that is not enough.

This is not only in the U.S. the case, a lot of European investors invest in their boring own companies which they can folow in their local newspaper and are familiar with.

In the Netherlands we have a proverb "Wat de boer niet kent dat vreet hij niet" it would be something like ""where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise"

What a boring (investment)life!

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