Tuesday, June 21, 2011

US-listed China Stocks Ready To Go Private

Distressed US-listed China Stocks Prey For Venture Capital and MBO's.

According to some institutional investors more and more US-listed China stocks are ripe for merger and other forms of unlocking the value. The recent sell-off in the China space has made a lot of companies vulnerable to takeover bids.

An exodus from US capital markets could occur the coming years. Short sellers are making it more and more difficult for Chinese companies to attract long-term US investors.

If you look around you can find quite a lot of companies that could go private.

All the stocks with a high short interest are potential candidates.

Highest Short Interest
HRBNHarbin Electric10.1 days52.29%
CHBTChina-Biotics7.9 days47.91%
SHZChina Shen Zhou Mining4.1 days37.37%
DGWDuoyuan Global Watern/a31.23%
CASTChinaCast Education19.8 days27.25%
FSINFushi Copperweld29.6 days26.80%
BORNChina New Borun12.4 days26.21%
LIWALihua International20.3 days25.65%
CVVTChina Valves Technology10.8 days24.31%
TSTCTelestone Technologies6.3 days24.28%

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  1. all these companies are not actual busineses