Thursday, June 23, 2011

Save Research in Motion (RIMM) and Buy A BlackBerry

All eyes are on Research In Motion (RIMM) after some worse than expected results.

In the meantime, Apple is eating into RIM's bread-and-butter corporate smartphone market with an iPhone available on almost every major carrier.

Fortune posted this list of four things RIM can do to stay alive:

1. Letter to management: Clarify your strategy

2. Transition smoothly (and quickly) to the QNX operating system

3. Upgrade the BlackBerry hardware, already!

4. Keep pushing security -- enterprise users demand it

It's been a nightmare on advising what to do with RIM stock in 2011. Although I can still see some positive points such as good international sales on a year on year basis and finally a not that bad start for the Playbook tablet, the year 2011 continues to be a transition year with the confirmed delay of products and the slash of FY EPS. The good news now is that EPS targets seems more realistic and should not disappoint drastically for the year while some expectations for a better 2012, along with attractive valuation, should finally find a support for the shares. But with such a bad momentum, even the USD 30 support level has been broken.

So what we all have to do is BUY SOME NEW BlackBerries......................

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