Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NIVS IntelliMedia Technology Group (NIV) ready for take off.

Tomorrow the company will release its third quarter 2010 earnings and a conference call will take place on Friday, November 5, 2010, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern time and will also be webcast over the internet.

Last month the company came with a lot of interesting news:

On October 27 the company announced that on November 18, 2010 at a merchandising conference to be held at the Huizhou Crown Plaza Hotel they intend to launch a sales and marketing campaign for a new series in the NIVS branded mobile phone family. The phones, termed "Childhood" for the children's market, "Performance" for the pre-teen market, "Pride" for the teen-age market, "Elite" for business executives market and "Care" for the elderly market will be introduced at the conference. An additional phone intended for sale through carrier channels, "Outstanding," will also be introduced. The specific phones will feature unique functions and be designed for its intended targeted consumer.

Distributors, agents, partners and vendors from throughout China will attend the conference and sales targets of the new phone products will be established for 2011. With the exception of the "Outstanding" series the new mobile phone products will be marketed and sold through NIVS's own sales channels. TV commercials, traditional press advertisement and online promotion will support the marketing efforts.

Mr. Tianfu Li, NIVS Chairman and CEO commented, "The launching of a new series of our branded mobile phones is an exciting milestone for the company and we look forward to an increased awareness of the NIVS product line to consumers throughout China."

On October 25 the company announced that they were recognized as the top computer peripheral speaker supplier by GOME Electrical Appliances Holding, one of the largest privately owned electrical appliance retailers in mainland China and Hong Kong.

In the six-month period beginning in April of this year NIVS' computer peripheral speaker contributed to 12% of GOME's sales in that category. GOME recently expanded their supply relationship with the Company at a GOME merchandising conference last week by asking for the delivery of a greater variety of the NIVS branded products.

Mr. Tianfu Li, NIVS Chairman and CEO commented, "We're certainly pleased that our initial products delivered to GOME were well received and appreciate the opportunity to expand our product offerings throughout the GOME retail network, allowing for an awareness of the NIVS branded products among a greater number of consumers"

From October 15 until October 19 the company participated at the China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair ("The Fair").

This fair was attended by local and international buyers. More than 200,000 international buyers attended this year's event and represented more than USD $34 million in orders to the participating manufacturers.

Approximately 250 interested potential buyers per day interacted with the NIVS personnel expressing interest in their products; particularly the mobile phone product line. The NIVS products featured included their mobile phone line, certain audio products and LCDTV and DVB products. Photos from the Fair will be available for viewing on the NIVS website later this week.

Mr. Tianfu Li, NIVS Chairman and CEO commented, "The China Import and Export Fair is China's largest trade fair and we were pleased with the positive response to the NIVS product line particularly from the prospective buyers from markets outside of China."

On October 14 the company announced that it had opened a New York City based office.

"The New York City office will enable our U.S. based investors to have direct access with Company representatives, and certain of the Company's products will be featured in a mini showroom to be demonstrated to interested parties," Mr. Tian Fu Li, CEO and Chairman stated.

Personally I think the Q3 results are going to be good and my expectation is an EPS of $0.15. Good results could give fuel to the stock price and lift it easily above $3.00. This is a five bucks stock so fasten your seatbelts.

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