Monday, September 13, 2010

Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

The last months short seller's and other so called bashers battled the China Smallcap and Midcap Arena.

Two weeks ago, Barron's magazine printed a feature article titled "Beware This Chinese Export", written by Bill Alpert and Leslie P. Norton. It was labeled as a "study" and subtitled "Chinese Reverse-Merger Stocks Lag Key Indexes." The tone of the article was very negative about anything related to U.S.-listed Chinese stocks that went public via reverse mergers. It basically warned investors not to touch any of those when the article closed with this caveat: "the reverse-merger industry gathers in Hawaii this week at a Roth conference—a venue equally favored by China stock touts and by the sector's short sellers. The rest of us should probably stay home."

The whole article was fish feed for short sellers and had strong biases built in, read article:

Today a great article was published by Rames-el-desouki, founder from Trading China, on SeekingAlpha. The article shines a thrutful light on the Barron's article. Read it and follow this guy. The truth has to come out for God's sake.

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