Thursday, May 6, 2010

Risk aversion back on the agenda

He wants to make some money you think ........"yes I say". So this week I went to my bookshelves and I thought which books could be helpful for investors. I wrote some names on a piece of paper and came up with my TOP-40. Visit page My 40 best investment books.

I thought also which books helped me to start investing in Chinese stocks en start this blog. I came up with two names:  


As a customer of Amazon I now participate in an affiliate program. My current Chinese investments don't make money because the risk aversion is back on the agenda, which means that almost everything with Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and China in their name is being sold rapidly.
Maybe the life of a middleman will make me some bucks. So to all my readers I scream take the word out: ORDER BOOKS, PROMOTE MY BOOKS..........I need some cash to expand my current loss-making Chinese positions. 

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