Thursday, May 27, 2010

China Insonline Corp (NASDAQ:CHIO) 10-Q filed

update soon available

Already one important highlight:

Restructuring of the Business Operation

On May 18, 2010, the Board of the Company approved an internal restructure plan which would lead the Company to concentrate its resources on the online insurance agency business. NFA and ZYTX and their operating segments, including all assets from the software development and online insurance advertising segments, may be sold to third parties at market price. The Company is currently identifying potential buyers for these segments.

After the restructuring, the Company would retain the online insurance agency business and focus on its products and services in the following areas:

· With respect to the Company’s motor vehicle insurance sales business, the Company plans to provide motor vehicle-owners with more value-added services following the purchase of motor vehicle insurance and the Company plans to improve its membership club programs in the area of motor vehicle insurance; and

· The Company plans to gradually grow its property insurance and life insurance business as an insurance agent by utilizing third-party insurance brokers and by choosing cost-effective products. With online product optimization and the ability to compare products online in real-time, the Company will be able to choose more suitable insurance, enhance customer insurance purchasing efficiency and reduce costs.

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