Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DelMar Pharmaceuticals: A Small Cap Worth Considering

Investment Thesis
DelMar Pharmaceuticals is a clinical & commercial stage oncology company that has a well-validated lead drug candidate VAL-083, that holds commercial rights to their lead product in China. The management has a history of successful exits: Matrix and Chemgenix.
The company has a lead product candidate called VAL-083. VAL-083 is a bi-functional alkylating agent, with potential antineoplastic activity. VAL-083 crosses the blood brain barrier (BBB) and appears to be selective for tumor cells. This agent alkylates and crosslinks DNA which ultimately leads to a reduction in cancer cell proliferation. In addition, VAL-083 does not show cross-resistance to other conventional chemotherapeutic agents and has a long half-life in the brain.

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