Saturday, July 23, 2011

The GM Story: How Business Really Gets Done in China

China is the world's largest auto market, yet it is unknown territory for many Western auto executives. Michael Dunne's lively account of General Motors' difficult adjustment to China's brand of capitalism is a fun and informative read for anyone who wants to know how business really gets done in China.

Wiley & Sons this month is publishing "American Wheels, Chinese Roads: The Story of General Motors in China." The author, Detroit native Michael Dunne, is president of Dunne & Co., a Hong Kong-based investment advisory firm that specializes in Asia's automotive markets. Dunne has spent the past two decades working in Beijing and Shanghai. He currently divides his time between China and Jakarta, where he lives with his wife, Merlien, and their three children.

Chapter 9, "Signing the Deal," details GM Chairman Jack Smith's awkward encounter with Chinese protocol as he tries to arrange a signing ceremony for GM's joint venture with Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. The J-V, Shanghai General Motros Co. Ltd., has become one of China's leading automakers.

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