Tuesday, June 1, 2010

China Insonline Corp (CHIO) management finally reacts to turbulance

I think it is a good sign that management took the word out and finally responded to all what happened to their stock price. I already mentioned in my last post that it is good for them to talk to their investors.

Mr. Zhenyu Wang, the Chairman of China INSOnline Corp. commented, "We have been working very diligently in last week to regain compliance with Nasdaq rules, and pleased to see the results. The Company remains highly focused on growing our core business in the domestic insurance market by introducing more value-added services and implementing new strategies to increase the revenue. We are very excited about the path to the future business growth ahead, and will working actively and diligently to create more value for our shareholders."

I want to arrange an Answer/Question-session with the company. So if investors have questions that they think are important, let me know and respond to this message. So we can bundle them and send an email.


  1. What do you think of chinese solar OTB plays, like PFGY.ob and CSOL.ob?


  2. Why don't you ask them to explain their business, for starters? Why the shift from insurance to software when auto sales are through the roof in China? Core insurance biz has been declining for some time...where, exactly, are revenues coming from (when they have revenues)? What does this software do for their customers? How are they going to finance future operations w/o revenue? Why should anyone believe them in stating business is expected to return to normal when it, in fact, has been extremely abnormal for some time?

    My...there are too many questions on this one.

    I tip my hat to you if you are able to get any info out of this company.

  3. I send an email with some questions. So I hope we can devote an nice article (QA-session)about the company and take some concerns away.

  4. Please post what you are able to find, even if they provide you with nothing.

  5. I send them the following questions on June 3, but unfortunately I didn't get a response yet.

    Can you tell us what kind of business you are in?

    What’s going to stop bigger companies in your space from copying you?

    Who are the emerging competitors in the industry in which you operate?

    What part or aspect of the business is giving you the most trouble now?

    What is your marketing strategy?

    Where do you see sales from you insurance business trending in the next 12 to 24 months?

    Which value-added services are you thinking about when you focus on growth of the core business?

    How does your company plan to raise capital in order to fund future growth?

    Do you have any plans to advance or promote the stock?

    What catalysts will affect the stock going forward?

  6. Thanks for posting, even though no response. Please update us when you hear anything...and also if not.